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you see the above message box, must fill out the real information, such as telephone, email etc.. Of course, the key is your site does not cheat. Is this personal site to solve. Do not know whether the article useful for you? The xiushentang website 贵族宝贝520jfei贵族宝贝/ reprint please retain the copyright.

person has a solution, that is after the login love Shanghai statistics, there is an official blog in the above statistics background, as shown below:

There is a

contact us directly to our situation to fill in the content of the message, generally in the 3-5 days, love Shanghai will not only give us a reply, but also to our site to release, which will be in love with site out of the sea.

a lot of people because of the need to optimize the new station, some data out in a certain period of time. Which included the number is a very simple really need data. But love Shanghai often has a so-called sandbox, lead us in the optimization of the site, the heart is very anxious. And now many new sites are the basic installation of statistics in the statistics of love Shanghai, love the sea index query we can see how much data is the index included, but was not released. People have encountered the same problem, then the problem how to solve


Stationmaster wants to make money, must see how to earn more, avoid to let GG K dropIPO before the U

electricity providers, the updated prospectus shows that Mito is expected to launch the social e-commerce platform in the first half of 2017. At present, Mito has set up a team for the social e-commerce platform to attract brands, brands of official distributors and net red, and has hired additional research and development personnel of the e-commerce platform.

It’s getting harder and harder to make money on the

after the United States figure is also trying through beauty camera test color function to some lipstick Tmall store diversion, pro test for self portraits in his own lipstick on a mobile phone, and the actual effect is different, the conversion rate is estimated to be so limited. Mito plans to use P tools to open up the idea of electricity providers is an attempt, but this involves the face recognition and other technical issues, and ultimately determine whether such gameplay can become a new business model.

The original !

! ?

then how to do GG, make better use of it to bring you more income, I said with you today! Some people do think that GG put more advertising to make more money, in fact put GG advertising is wrong, that you are not in the GG company website content promotion. But mainly in the promotion of GG advertising.

is also in this month, the United States launched a plan aimed at young users of social software application in campus scene flash chat, mainly using flash chat "the note", graffiti, spoof classmates photos are bright features in the propaganda film. Social artifact like the original is the students that, for the next generation of social beauty, also in the pit, compared to Meitu Xiu Xiu and shot by age becomes a key beauty "harvest user beauties, the product logic has changed, you can manually add flash text will talk for you" ugly, but it is more important to become fun like Snapchat.

some people say that the picture station can not put ads, in fact, you can, some of the edge of the site is easy to seal the station, it is best to only put a few words of advertising or search ads, do not put in the price of advertising, you can


The pace of the

Abstract: the question hanging over the head of the company in America has been: what do you think the tools are for? What’s the solution? With the IPO, the answer given by Mito is very clear.

in fact, we can do sh419, Chinese people do their own search advertising, revenue may be less, but very insurance. Now casually investigate, is not a lot of webmaster let GG seal, and we all talk about their views, communicate with each other, and no gun, you money all understand, all will enhance China’s economic development!

Mito listed in Hongkong at the beginning of December, if the listing is successful, will become the largest science and technology IPO Hongkong stock market in recent 10 years. With IPO, Mito layout for the future is also more clear, in addition to the United States shot live, Mito also shows the social and electricity supplier two major ambitions of business.

Mito is also in the prospectus to set a profit time, is expected from July 2016 onwards about 18 months that is, by the end of 2017 Mito will welcome

, to be exact, live cash. In June 2016, Mito began offering users with paid virtual gifts and expressions to promote better interaction between the rest of live anchors and short video producers. Accordingly, Mito believes that more users try and choose to buy virtual goods, there are huge opportunities for realization.

GG certainly not less, GG advertising IP source statistics, you all know where the traffic, so if traffic sources is not very regular stop advertising GG on the main page, try to put in the content page. After putting in a GG ad, a person doesn’t log on 2 accounts on a single machine. It’s best to enter an account once a day. Don’t click any ads on GG on the Internet. Don’t click your own ad.

in Mito recently updated prospectus, to achieve 1160% growth in the United States "beat value-added business" to become the latest bright spot.

network now that it’s maturing. But it is not without the possibility of making money. As GG is the first choice of income for each webmaster, does not affect its own flow, advertising formal, stable income, high prices, GG is the most attractive place!

company’s listing has moved closer. Reuters quoted sources familiar with the matter, said Mito may be listed in Hongkong as early as December 8th, the issue price of HK $8.5-9.6 per share, the company valued at $4 billion 500 million.

is not a big company, it is difficult to receive money, in the copyright issues related to the site, do not do nor receive money, GG is not involved in the copyright dispute inside the station. There are home pages, it is best not to put GG advertising, because the main page of the flow is mostly to search the station, do not do it, he gave traffic free of charge to you, he bought back at high prices, if you do not want to, right,

The optimization of website TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION

if the "Medog foot Raiders" this trip, I do my best, to include all the details, others will not go to another site to find the same information. For a solution to the problem of the article, should also do so, be competitive. For travel articles, from the contents of the article, the significance of these two aspects to extract keywords, is what, what.


you should have to understand the importance of the title, simple words, lack can bring more different results, we usually watch the news or some network marketing related articles, the first is to look at the title, the title to attract people, with the temptation, even if very busy or not in the mood, but saw a draw the title is to look at the click of unwillingness, what. A content page title, can reflect the general content of this article, and will directly affect the user clicks and ranking in search engines, especially long tail keywords

content of the page title should be fully combined with the contents of the article, highlighting the key content, and there should be a certain density. Keywords Tibet travel set rules for the following format:


, the set of keywords:

Title summarizes the contents, which can make people see what is the specific contents of the information, the title will be able to understand the result, combined with the theme and title must be distinct, but not with the content of no relevance, otherwise readers do not know for a long time the contents of the theme, it is not in the mood to see the text. Remember, no matter the title or the beginning of the article, you only have 30 seconds to keep readers.

from the point of view of our memory of the law, the title of the article in 7 – 15 words is appropriate, although not a mandatory.

two, the title of the article:

keyword is very important, on the one hand, this is the addition of daily work, on the other hand, provides the material basis for the title and rewrite. The general principle is, should be familiar with the article, the article from the keyword extraction.

any article, for the understanding, should be the first time that the user may search through what keywords to read this article, this article can solve the user requirements, if not, should do any changes, such as increasing the articles which links will help to solve the problem. This is the only way to please the user, but also the best way to search engine.

writing, just fill in the content page Keywords: Title – content words, behind the set up procedures for automatic extraction of the keywords, keywords and lofty Title

content page title – content keywords – column page title – website keyword – site name

concise and to the point The

1. theme clear

specific title is determined to abide by the following principles:

How will the target keyword optimization to love Shanghai home


(2) site traffic data:


Through the

optimization to love home in Shanghai, we will involve a lot of work, including the analysis of product or industry market, competitor analysis, analysis of their own websites and resources, the target keywords competitiveness and the analysis of existing data and combined with the overall site optimization scheme for the best optimization skills. In this process, the above several aspects of the more detailed understanding of the more thorough analysis, more favorable to the target keywords optimization.


through observation and analysis of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the competition website data, such as domain age, record, with the IP website number; website optimization data, such as home page keyword matching, Title Keyword position, included, the chain, snapshots, links and other related websites; flow, keywords ranking. Through the analysis of listed several major competitors of the strengths and weaknesses, so that they can find out and optimize the direction of our own web site.



From the data in

(1) site data:

website traffic number >


analysis table which lists the top two pages of the website as Changzhou website optimization industry general situation, 5 other platforms two domain names, 15 top-level domain optimization station, and through observation, which is part of the website does not open, there are more than part of the website domain name expired; half did not update the content, content and quality of website the friendly degree is low; the two level domain page ranking part in poor correlation with lower page weight. Through the analysis we can see that a large number of competitors, but with strong competitiveness and not so much imagination, we have the opportunity to do on the target keywords love Shanghai home within the specified time.

website optimization website, see more IP website domain name age short, effective mass outside the chain of data is low, some can be found in a timely manner to solve the problem, by optimizing the operation of their own; some are unable to use objective data to the human operation change, need to make up through the optimization the closer competitors gap.

website monitoring tools, such as webmaster tools, love Shanghai tool webmaster tools

‘s own website optimization data analysis

website optimization can be seen as an industry, targeted keywords, can be used as a regional competition in the industry, can also be understood as the product of regional competition. But first of all we have to industry (products) market analysis.


Keywords /

tools / materials

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of


target market analysis

The reason of the seven web site is down right

update frequency. The web site is like the people to eat, if not in time to eat a meal or hungry for a full stomach, you will get. Some people are also before the web, timely updates, including frequency is very good, but that there is no problem, not update or updated a few days time, so your site will not rule, the search engine will not regularly come to visit our website, also cause the site to drop right. This symptom is included not increase, the snapshot has not updated. This search engine website has stopped, may lead to drop the right K.

every day we can see the webmaster friends shouting your website is down right in the home owners forum, I also have a few years engaged in website construction and promotion, and everyone else encountered during the night between many sites ranking lower, included reducing, flow reduction etc.. I personally think that the need to accumulate experience in these experience, analysis of their mistakes in the future, the website promotion will not make the same mistake. This website is more for their development. The following are the 7 factors on the personal website right down to my personal understanding, if you are in these 7 factors, in the promotion of the time to reconsider.

third factors: website content acquisition. Some people may not agree with this statement, we may see many examples of success, some sites collect or use the thief tools included many, many great flow, income. In fact, we see just one example, many successful are K off but you did not see, nor long stay. Especially the new website, if you collect will lead directly to the site to a halt. If the old site, the weight can, can use the collection and manual update cross. Remember, the acquisition is not a permanent solution, a good site is need to have their own ideas, their own content.

fourth factors: auto update website. We can see a lot of this kind of software, just use the can, into how much money, this is the so-called automatic blog or website. I used to such software or information to attract, also bought a software, the effect is there, but not so good publicity, I asked a friend, he told me the truth, if it is really so good, they don’t do their own, also sell software to do what. So the automatic updates to the site, careful operation, not even the capital did not earn back, will lead to similar automatic updates "

factors: the influence of the web site. Today a friend told me that his site is K off in love in Shanghai, I see his website information, keep updating, PR=3 every day, but also has more than 1000 external links. Web site is normal, but is now being K away It is without rhyme or reason. website, I see the cause, affirmation is the problem of space. Because of my other website through the webmaster tools to check with IP, 95% other sites are K out, today is a day to be punished. So it can be concluded that the site is completely, the problems caused by space.

The first Second factors:

In the traditional enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng optimization two months brought 15 customers

website optimization, received the first customers to bring considerable income, in second after another came to the company’s customers around 15. During the two months without calculation, invited us to discuss customer. My web site optimization effect after two.

used on the other side of the Links name you want to use the best optimization.

after I returned home, he invited me to join his team, through the network promotion technology, to bring more customers, he issued preferential treatment, I joined his team.


The first month of

1: two active columns

on the first day of work, I first looked at the company’s official website, a web page is very simple, Shanghai dragon optimization do very poorly, in Shanghai love to search the company name, can not find the website homepage, do very poorly, is established by using ASP system, then I went to the company with. The system, re established a very conducive to the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon.

search engine, to Shanghai dragon optimization work to add a lot of difficulty, many in the Shanghai dragon optimization staff were forced to change jobs. Now the Shanghai dragon is not only a technical optimization work is more a mental labor, even writing test. Technology + the + = to Shanghai dragon, this is my definition of Shanghai dragon.

The frequent update of the I of Shanghai Longfeng high impact factors

in April this year to accept the Shanghai work, back home in Shandong, my hometown is Shandong, Caoxian, Caoxian is the largest wooden handicraft production base, there are a lot of enterprises in the local production of wooden crafts, wooden packing box like red wine are mostly from Shandong, Caoxian, a small I, he established a the production of wooden handicraft factory, the order is the main source of the Alibaba, annual output value of about 20 million or so good.

to optimize the company’s website mainly focus on two aspects, one is the content of two is Links; in the chain of auxiliary high quality, the main chain of the place I posted: watercress, Tencent Sina video comments, the article reviews, as well as major contributions from the media platform.

add two columns, one is news, another is the industry news column, the two column is to update the original article, let love Shanghai included more articles, attract more tourists. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is currently the best method is to update the original article, so the two column in the Shanghai dragon optimization plays a very important role.

optimization? What is the



Links plate must have, in which Shanghai Longfeng Links is still the first choice to consider, in exchange Links, he can’t exchange each other’s friendly degree of website activity and web search engine to consider.

for Shanghai dragon website

Keywords classification of other types of keywords


business class refers to the user has obvious purchase intention or purpose of action and search keywords such as "Le P." how much, "Encyclopedia corpus download package" and "second-hand SONY camera and · this kind of keywords is the focus of all the marketing website is the positioning of the key words, because these words by visiting the user will have a higher conversion rate, the user is to buy related products or accomplish something, if the user experience of the website, the purchase process and price positioning are quite good. This type of search flow t users will be the main users of the site selling products.

information, keywords used user looking for some information, this keyword was not to buy more, nor for the designated website. The number of this kind of search terms accounted for most of the total search terms, and most of the site to snatch a maximum flow type space.

optimization is the marketing website, whether large or medium-sized shopping guide website, electronic mall, or small business website, as long as you want to get the order most directly, then the transaction class words should be keywords you spend the energy and resources should be optimized. This kind of words in the selection, layout and allocation of resources optimization, are accompanied by the content of filling, to support, to compare the quality of content or, if only to do traffic flow, ranking difficult to obtain result, and can easily be search engine punishment.

If you

2, class of thingsKeywords

marketing website will be brought to the flow of the keywords, although the conversion rate of this kind of keywords to bring the user as transactional keywords, but also the potential for a lot of users to buy. These users are part of the user in the collection of target product information, compare and consider the purchase stage, marketing website after meet the needs of these users to target commodity information, guidance will get higher conversion rate. These words may not bring orders directly, but can make it relevant to the needs of users to remember website brand. After the user needs to buy, will give priority to the use of that brand site, so even if some information can not be directly to the site keywords to bring order, will also indirectly bring benefit to the site.

only by the Shanghai dragon get this part of the flow rate of the keywords is not enough, need to provide high quality website content and good guide copy, even can solve user problems related tools. Such recruitment websites can provide the calculation of personal income tax ", the use of more people, will also get a lot of target users. Can also be based on the type and content of the website access to optimize the information of keywords, such as Jingdong store goods review.

Keywords Guide and conversion of

in the user comments, Jingdong mall will have a brief summary of the comments.

3, informationKeywords

The website should be how to maximize profits

Second stages of

many webmaster in distress why websites can not generate profit, and website long time no return of a large number of investment funds. In fact, the main reason may be your site is not strong enough, but on the other hand, you may not really dig website profit point, not maximizing the profit, even themselves do not intend to let it bring the profit, so naturally won’t have what is considerable income. Remember that many websites do as seen sesame, crafts. Without a tiny bit of advertising, content of clean and tidy. Although the entire site feels very comfortable, but it doesn’t mean you can put the site bigger and stronger. Do the station is to make money, if you have no income, so only by constantly throwing money every day, is simply not up development.

, put some small advertising, CPA advertising alliance. Because the site is not to apply for early love such as Shanghai alliance, Google alliance advertising alliance. But put these small advertising words, generally have the virus, such as illegal advertising content is often happened. So many rich small owners will skip this link in website development to a certain size and then cast enlarged union advertising.

, is to choose some large advertising alliance, obtain high prices, relatively stable advertising revenue. But note that advertising is generally not pure love Shanghai more content, sometimes even will have some impact on the website. But advertising has many types, mention is also easier. Google ads for shielding the relatively better, some illegal sites are quite good, recently heard mention is also easier.

the third stage is to contact their own advertisers, advertisers or take the initiative to contact you. Now the basic portal, advertising fees in accordance with the monthly payment. The advantage is that the income is stable, not affected by the click price. High income, generally than to click on the ads about twice as high, but requires your website has a large scale of strength to do, otherwise the advertisers disdain to contact you.

The first stage is

web site to obtain the stability of income, and income will be gradually put into the development of the website. Such a virtuous cycle, sites can be gradually bigger, stronger. Now many sites take money, make money after the idea is right, and indeed there are many sites are developed. Such as Youku, many of the cool six video website, so far to make real profits. But if you do not try to excavate the site’s profit point, gradually to maximize profits, it is not the right way. Because the site began to be able to achieve a profit, not all hope. Must be in the maximum profit at the same time, a new way for the development of the website.

is the most commonly used, the website profit point, is advertising. In fact, advertising is divided into three stages:

Only the

in addition to advertising, for the portal site, you can also choose to release some.

What is the way to enhance the user experience

external factors:

the domain name of the website for the website itself is a name card, many users are from the domain name of the website you can see your site and what is the site. Love is like Shanghai, Taobao and other large web site, we see from the domain name will know that these site is to provide what services. It can also greatly enhance the user experience.


four, search engines do not know the contents of as little as possible to do

A lot of

more and more attention from the real start webmaster site user experience, search engine according to the latest trends, the user experience is the next few years, the main direction of Internet construction. Once deviated from the direction of the construction of the user experience, so our website optimization work will become difficult. So what is the way to enhance the user experience of the

, a website must have a unique page and structure, so that we can from the site get hundreds of millions of users of all ages, talent shows itself, once your site and the most basic site is not much difference, there is no innovation place, so your site and what can attract users to

some people say a lot of accumulation keywords will lead to the search engine right down. Here we want to introduce you do not stack keywords, but the construction of reasonable arrangement of key words. As long as no more than the upper limit of search engine, we then modify and reasonable distribution, then the site readable content is user favorite is behoove.

, a site face

internal factors: analysis of

some owners puzzled, what is the static page? In fact, design is very simple static pages. Do not say first search engine for dynamic pages is not very friendly, often called the dynamic web site database will cause the entire web page loading speed is reduced, thereby causing the user access speed reduction. Static pages you can well solve this problem.

? keyword four details website with the domain name space

search engine technology is still not identified, including: the basic elements of JS, FLASH, pictures and so on some sites, these elements to do less, so it can not only enhance the site visit.

two page to do, such as static sealing

three, the

for the website space, if a strong stability, high safety performance, the server will greatly enhance the safety degree and site access speed, and thus enhance the user of the site’s favor, increase the user experience of the website. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon ER or not seriously, still in the selection of some foreign space, but Xiaobian to tell you if we really want to do a site, or choose some domestic space business. If you do not have enough capital to choose the VPS server and then buy a double space still can.

The reasonable arrangement of

Luna chubby user conversion rate is low in common

short, Shanghai dragon more do not flow, but the conversion rate, more to do is the user experience and success rate, so that more Shanghai dragon er from this circle inside the bounce rate, make yourself more simple, more easily solve the problem of users, that also has the very big promotion for you. The first station network, by Luna chubby original, welcome to reprint, please do not delete the chain, thank you for your cooperation.

this is a lot of websites, especially to some large web site, that the site is better, but the reality is that the website shop is big enough, but the website traffic is up, the conversion rate is not high enough, did not reduce the number of benefits, in fact this station was the most important problem structure get too complicated. For example, some common financial stocks stand, especially the complex, and the webmaster if want to do better to refer to some Adsense nets or some other well-known news sites, so that the structure becomes simple point, of course, the most clear or 58, market information such as the type of more simple and clear, I believe users to use it more convenient.

client, or search engine spiders, hope to catch the latest news, the most attention provided to the user, and when you keep the update site though, but did not provide users with real-time best the most watched news, also can give users a good impression. To direct users to jump out.

Because both the

is not a long time to write the article, recently busy studying financial industry website, and these days several friends asked me why I came up, flow, but the conversion rate is not high, website bounce rate is very high, so the moon from here today chubby to share some of their own views, I hope a friend can give these suggestions, help you make the site conversion rate.

this is a Chinese stationmaster of a lot of lost, perhaps more is to rank, will get a lot of website articles, such as information, but largely ignore the feelings of the user, the user in the search for your stuff but need to click on the 3-4, and even more time to find, and foreign sites in this respect is very good, whether it is shopping, or video sites, or lending sites are able to open the 1-2 to find the user needed information, and this point will undoubtedly enhance the user experience, and improve the conversion rate, saves the user’s time, and attracted users.

many sites have been worried about the conversion rate is low, but the site is not timely updates, always rely on copy someone else’s article, which leads to even rose to the top five also cannot obtain the highest conversion rate.

is one of the reasons: complex structure, easy to stray.

two: no use value of old information.

three reasons: complexity, user loss.