Scientists Deduce New Way to Observe the Growth of Nanowires

first_imgResearchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne and Brookhaven National Laboratories have reported the formation of two kinds of defects in individual nanowires, which are smaller in diameter than a human hair. These nanowires, made of indium gallium arsenide, could be useful for a wide range of applications in a field scientists have termed optoelectronics, which encompasses devices that work by converting light energy into electrical impulses. Fiber optic relays are a good example.The effectiveness of these devices, however, can be affected by tiny defects in their components. These defects, which can change both the optical and electronic properties of these materials, interest scientists who seek to tailor them to boost the functionality of future optoelectronics, including materials that will be able to manipulate quantum information.In a study, the team, which also involved collaborators from Northwestern University and two European universities, observed two kinds of defects in a single nanowire. The first kind of defect, caused by strain, affects the entire nanowire, preventing it from growing perfectly straight. The second kind of defect, called a stacking fault, occurs close to the atomic level; as individual planes of atoms are laid down to lengthen the nanowire. Because stacking faults and strain occur at such different scales, understanding how they interact to change a nanowire’s characteristics requires scientists to use sophisticated imaging technology and complex mathematical algorithms.By using a technique called Bragg ptychography to observe the defects, the Argonne researchers created a method they could use to see the nanowire within its operating environment. They developed a technique that allows them to investigate the actual local structure in the material. This allows making valuable comparisons to theories that people have come up with that describe how these defects could affect not only the nanowire, but the entire device of which it is a part. The method provides a missing link between nanoscale defect structure and variations in strain on longer length scales that will enable to better control the optoelectronic properties of nanowires. In Bragg ptychography, researchers shine an X-ray beam at a series of overlapping spots all over the material, like a stagehand slowly moving a spotlight across a stage. The information produced by the atoms’ scattering of the X-rays gives researchers a three-dimensional view of the material at close to atomic resolution. The researchers used the technique at Brookhaven’s Hard X-ray Nanoprobe at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II), a DOE Office of Science User Facility. Beamline 3-ID is capable of producing a coherent nano-focused beam, so it is well suited for reconstructing images through techniques like Bragg ptychography. This collaboration has been extremely valuable for advancing Bragg ptychography capabilities at NSLS-II, as well as the team’s understanding of nanowires.Scientists have recently improved the algorithms that generate this picture, an improvement that has dramatically changed the X-ray information collection process. Instead of having to use a spot-by-spot grid-based approach as done in earlier ptychographic studies, the team could move their X-ray beam around more freely, collecting useful information from across their sample. It’s like instead of doing a very simple and repetitive line dance, all they have to do is make sure that they place their feet on each part of the dance floor at one point or another.This flexibility has another advantage: it allows researchers to illuminate smaller features using a smaller spot size – enabled in large part by X-ray zone plates fabricated by Michael Wojcik, a physicist at Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source. These zone plates are a diffractive optic that consists of several radially symmetric rings, called zones, which alternate between opaque and transparent. They are spaced so that light transmitted by the transparent zones constructively interferes at the desired focus.An article based on the study, “Measuring three-dimensional strain and structural defects in a single InGaAs nanowire using coherent X-ray multiangle Bragg projection ptychography,” appeared in Nano Letters.last_img read more

PH flattens COVID-19 curve, but public urged not to be ‘overly excited’ — research…

first_img“Actually na-flatten na siya,” David said in an interview with Newsroom Weekend, noting that the COVID-19 reproductive number has lowered to around 0.94 from 0.99 last week. “So nagde-decrease pa siya and that is very good news. Ibig sabihin, nasu-sustain natin ‘yung flattening of the curve.” Metro Manila — The Philippines has flattened the curve of COVID-19 cases, a group of researchers said, but warned the public against complacency amid the pandemic fight. The reproductive number is an epidemiologic metric used to describe the “contagiousness” or transmission potential of infectious agents, according to the United States’ National Center for Biotechnology Information. “If we ever relax to MGCQ (modified general community quarantine), we should evaluate this carefully, we should think about it carefully,” he stressed. “We would like to remind people not to be overly excited dito sa flattening of the curve. Yes, we’re seeing it pero (but) the trends are not irreversible… Ibig sabihin (meaning), we could have another surge,” David said. Photo by IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN Should NCR ease restrictions? For the healthcare capacity aspect, the professor also noted that the COVID-19 bed occupancy rate in Metro Manila has also been decreasing. David, however, urged Filipinos not to be “overly excited” as he warned that the COVID-19 trends are subject to change and can be reversed “at any time.”center_img “The virus is still here, we’re still getting around 3,000 cases per day and so we have to sustain ‘yung (the) momentum, to sustain the gain. So we have to keep doing the right things and to not falter,” he added. Coronavirus infections in the Philippines have spiked to over 230,000, with the Health Department listing 2,529 new cases on Saturday. Recoveries meanwhile increased to 161,668, while the virus death toll stood at 3,790. (CNN Philippines) Aside from the virus’ reproductive figure, David said the positivity rate— one of the main data being studied and monitored by medical experts— is likewise going down. From averages of over 4,000 daily cases in mid-August, the country in the past few days has been reporting lower average number of infections at 3,000, he explained. Speaking to CNN Philippines on Sunday, University of the Philippines professor and OCTA Research Team fellow Guido David said the country’s coronavirus reproductive rate— a statistic used to measure the rate of virus transmission— has decreased to a value less than one. Despite the development, David urged the government to carefully evaluate any plan of easing restrictions in the capital region, which remains under general community quarantine until the end of September. [Translation: Actually it has already flattened and that is very good news. It means we are sustaining the flattening of the curve.] This represents the number of people who may be infected by a confirmed case. Ideally, this should be one or less, as anything higher means there is still significant community transmission, according to medical experts.last_img read more

Northcoast Cryotherapy Changing Lives By Healing Bodies!

first_imgBryan AlexanderGreat after a hard work out. People were awesome and the entire experience was really positive. Related TopicsCryotherapyHealthy ReferralLebron James Anthony RobertIt was amazing – my body feels fantastic and I will be back for more. If you’re into health and fitness, check this place out. When Terri Mullins opened up Northcoast Cryotherapy at 3355 Richmond Rd #191, Beachwood, OH 44122, it was to change lives and help people in pain find a chemical free way of relief and healing.  Mission accomplished!Terri has been in business since February of this year, and her clients have already seen excellent results.  Cryotherapy is the latest and easily one of the very best forms of body healing in the world today.While they currently have the one location there is no doubt that with the passion for her clients and knowledge of the therapy Terri has, this will one day become a chain of offices all over the state. Cryotherapy is just that effective!Terri first learned about Cryotherapy 18 months ago and fell in love with the incredible benefits it brings to those who use it.  After researching it, then trying it herself, she was amazed how good she felt after doing it.  She instantly had much more energy and found herself sleeping better at night.  All the little aches and pains went away after only a few sessions.She was so excited about it, she wanted to share it with other people and give them the opportunity to feel their best without having to put more chemicals and medication into their bodies. It is an all-natural way to feel better.  One could say that Mullins is a visionary, and those people would be correct!The primary thing that cryotherapy does is reduce inflammation in the body by using extreme cold.  It is fantastic for pain relief.  It is great for athletic recovery as such athletes as LeBron James and Floyd Mayweather’s are fans of it, they have Cryotherapy Sauna’s in their home’s.It reduces inflammation in your body regardless of where it is.  It even helps with skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.  Folks with chronic pain and fatigue disorders already see drastic improvement with Cryotherapy.Whole Body Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to promote natural healing and wellness. Clients enter the nitrogen gas-cooled cryo-sauna for up to three minutes, where they experience temperatures as low as 200 degrees below zero.As they re-warm after exiting the cryo-sauna, clients experience benefits including pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved recovery from strenuous work-outs, rejuvenated skin, invigorated energy levels, boosted metabolism, elevated mood and improved sleep.While unable to mention any names for privacy reasons, Northcoast Cryotherapy has hosted some big-name clients as well.  Word has gotten out about the outstanding facility and management there.As people continue to learn of the tremendous benefits of cryotherapy the popularity will continue to grow.  The key to that is education on the product and process. At Northcoast Cryotherapy, Terri is helping educate everyone who comes through those doors.  She lets them know what it can do for them and those people are telling other people and it grows from there!Clients are in love with Terri’s business, and as well they should be!  Here are just a few of the many willing to speak on the great benefits Northcoast Cryotherapy is bringing to everyone who tries it! Keep your competitive edge – Recover like the pros with NormaTec Compression TherapyUsing NormaTec Compression Therapy after intense exercise will significantly speed up your recovery process, allowing you to train harder and perform better. We recommend combining cryotherapy and compression within a few hours after exercise to maximize your recovery process.NormaTec Compression Therapy is designed for recovery & rehab, using compressed air to massage your legs, arms or hips, moving excess fluids & speeding recovery with the patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern. Based on normal physiology, it combines three distinct massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process. Through these mechanisms, the NormaTec Compression Therapy maximizes circulation throughout the body to help you train harder, recover faster, and perform better.What to ExpectRelax & recharge in our Recovery Lounge during your 30 or 60 minute compression therapy session. You’ll stay fully clothed (other than shoes) during the session, will have a comfortable chaise lounge, music & wifi access. You’ll slip into the boots, sleeves or hip attachment, and your high-tech massage will begin. During a pre-inflate cycle, the connected attachments are molded to your exact body shape. The session then begins by compressing your feet, hands, or upper quad (depending on which attachment you are using). Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, each segment of the attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release. This will repeat for each segment of the attachment as the compression pattern works its way up your limb.Risks & ContraindicationsThe risks and benefits of using the NormaTec Recovery System are the same as having a massage. If the pressure feels uncomfortable, you can reduce the intensity or stop the session at any time. Similar to a massage, the benefits can include the temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains. It can also temporarily increase circulation in the area being massaged.You should not use NormaTec Compression Therapy if you have any of the following conditions:Acute pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs)Acute thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis (DVT)Acute congestive heart failureEpisodes of pulmonary embolismWounds, infection or tumors at or near the site of applicationBone fractures or dislocations at or near the site of applicationAny circumstance where increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirableThe NormaTec Recovery System can be used both before and after exercise, whether it is routine training or highlevel competition. Before exercise, the NormaTec acts as a high-tech massage to warm up your muscles. Preworkout sessions are generally 10 to 20 minutes long with a moderate intensity level. Post-workout recovery sessions are generally 20 to 60 minutes long with a moderate to high intensity level (it is safe to pump as long as you want). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the high-tech massage found only in a NormaTec Recovery System at North Coast.Please mention you saw this article on NEO Sports Insiders.The enclosed modalities are not to treat medical conditions and please consult your physician for medical advice. Heather BarnesDefinitely a 5 star experience.  I was nervous but everything was explained so well and I couldn’t have been any more comfortable. I can’t wait to do it again. You can visit Northcoast Cryotherapy Monday – Thursday 7am – 7pm.  Friday’s from 7am – 6pm and Saturday’s from 9-2.  The current cost is $20 a session for new clients making their first visit!  Run, don’t walk to Northcoast Cryotherapy today and begin changing your life and health forever!You can book your appointment today by visiting their website at But wait,,,,,,,, THIS JUST IN Vince McKeelast_img read more

How the Browns Respond to Their Week 1 Disaster Will Define Their Season

first_imgThe list of things which went right for the Cleveland Browns in their season-opener is astoundingly short.The team showed up on time, and everyone appeared to be wearing the right uniform. Outside of that, it was a hot mess.It was also the kind of hot mess that could end up defining the Browns’ season. This may sound a little dramatic considering we’re only at Week 2, but how they respond to their season-opening flop will have a huge impact on where the team goes from here.Consider the situation surrounding Cleveland’s 30-point drubbing from last Sunday.It came after months of endless hype, which the Browns claimed they were tuning out. It occurred in front of a deafening home crowd, made up of fans who were told by these players things would be different this year.This was supposed to be the first step in ultimately rewarding a down-trodden fan-base for its dedication through years of garbage football.Instead, garbage football was all anyone saw. The Browns looked distracted and unprepared, as if they didn’t take their opponent seriously. Ice that cake with tight end Delanie Walker proudly noting the Titans were eager to prove the hype surrounding Cleveland was misplaced, and you complete the recipe for a full-scale disaster.The Browns should be in much better shape this week, and if you check for a fanduel offer you should for sure play a few players off their roster against the Jets. Titans TE Delanie Walker wasn’t impressed by the Browns after the Titans beat them by 30: “They were who we thought they were” 😳(via @TDavenport_NFL)— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 8, 2019The bottom line is Sunday’s game was a humbling. It was proof the Browns haven’t earned anything yet, that being labeled a contender means nothing once you take the field.This loss should also serve as a reality check. What occurred Sunday is essentially what Cleveland should expect for the rest of the year.Nobody is going easy on the Browns anymore.  No opponent is half-heartedly taking the field thinking it can beat Cleveland on cruise control. Based on Walker’s comments alone, it sure seems like the league is tired of hearing about the Browns and wants to prove the idea of their being a contender is a false narrative.We know how Cleveland handled its first serving of humble pie. We now need to find out how the team reacts to it moving forward.One would hope a loss like Sunday’s helps them understand games aren’t won just by showing up, that you don’t automatically come out on top because everyone thinks you’re good now. The Browns are in a place where they can take their Week 1 defeat on the chin, refocus and realize any cockiness they carried into the season needs to be shelved.One would think rebounding from last week was made easier by today’s news that their Week 2 opponent – the New York Jets – will be playing without starting quarterback Sam Darnold. If you ask me, said update just makes the idea of tabling arrogance even more difficult.Again, what was the biggest problem for the Browns last Sunday? Taking the field looking unprepared, but assuming they’d win anyway.As a result, hearing they’ll be taking on Trevor Siemian instead of Darnold doesn’t serve as good news, but instead makes me wonder if Cleveland will once again ease up on game-prep under the assumption a win is already in the books.This is why the Browns’ next game will have a major impact on the rest of their season.Last Sunday should serve as proof this team should resist any urge to feel over-confident. It should be seen as an example of what happens if you take the field unprepared for your opponents, no matter how short-handed they appear.The key word, obviously, is “should.” The Browns can claim they’ve learned from last week’s errors, but we won’t know for sure until we see them take the field this Monday.Make no mistake, while a win over the Trevor Siemian-led Jets won’t save Cleveland’s season, a loss to said team sure as hell could derail it. If the Browns think the fallout from last week was rough, just wait to see what happens if they can’t pull off a victory this week.Ensuring that doesn’t happen looks like an easy task on paper. Of course, so did beating the Titans in Week 1. I’d like to think the Browns have learned enough from that game to know nothing is guaranteed.If they have, this season could get right back on track. If they haven’t, things are going to get ugly in a hurry. Related TopicsCleveland BrownsfeaturedNew York Jets Casey Drottarlast_img read more

Yuka Murofushi sets Japan record

first_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES NAGOYA – Yuka Murofushi, the younger sister of world bronze medalist and 10-time national champion hammer thrower Koji Murofushi, rewrote a national record in the women’s hammer throw at an athletics test meet on Saturday.Murofushi went on to stretch the record to 66.68 meters in her fourth attempt after her second throw at the Chukyo University training facility in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, measured 66.34 meters, eclipsing the former record of 66.31 set by Masumi Aya last month. IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5last_img read more

Goromaru embraces opportunity with Queensland Reds

first_img GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES RELATED PHOTOS Goromaru kept the same demeanor on Friday evening, hours before traveling to Brisbane, Australia, to join the Queensland Reds. He didn’t give many details on what he’d do in his new environment.Of course, he promised that he’d give 100 percent once he hit the field, though.“Time really flies, but today I’m heading down to Australia,” said Goromaru, who was acquired by the Super League club last November, at a news conference at Narita airport. “I don’t know how much I can do as a rugby player and contribute to the team. But I’d like to play my own game.”Goromaru, a World Cup hero for former coach Eddie Jones on the Japan national rugby union team, said that his first and only priority is to make sure he’ll be good enough to don a Reds jersey, which he didn’t think would be guaranteed automatically.“I’m not going to foresee too far ahead,” Goromaru, 29, said, when asked what he wants to do in Australia. “But I’ll take care of what I have under my nose, and I’ll practice hard, thinking of putting on the jersey, first.”Goromaru was quite realistic and discreet about his future with the Reds, who finished 13th (out of 15 clubs) in the 2015 Super Rugby season.“People may have great expectations (of me joining the team),” said Goromaru, who’s played for the Yamaha Jubilo in Japan’s Top League. “But Super Rugby isn’t that easy. I know I’ll face a variety of errors and struggles, but I’d like to contribute to the team as quickly as I can.”Brisbane is a large city, whose metropolitan area has a population of about 2.3 million, with attractive, scenic areas. But Goromaru insisted that he isn’t going there for leisure. Instead, his focus is tackling opponents, kicking the ball and winning games for the Reds.“I don’t think I’ll have time to rest,” Goromaru said. “I’ll just focus on practicing.”Goromaru said the Reds expect him to make an impact with goal kicks and penalty kicks. Last year, he had a 84.21 percent success rate and was the scoring leader with 83 points in the Top League.He was selected to the Rugby World Cup Dream Team, and now for Queensland he’ll compete at fullback along with Karmichael Hunt.Reds head coach Richard Graham recognizes that Goromaru has proven abilities. He told the Sydney Morning Herald that “there’s no doubt he’s a quality footballer, he’s done it on the world stage.”Graham plans to monitor’s Goromaru’s physical condition and performance before determining how he’ll utilize the Fukuoka-born player.“I’ll make that decision when he arrives, have a look at him physically, how he’s handled the World Cup and also the Japanese season, and then how he comes into the squad and how quickly he pick things up,” Graham was quoted as saying.Goromaru embraces this challenge, which opens a new chapter in his rugby career.“I belong to Yamaha, and had I stayed with Yamaha, not taking any challenges somewhere else, I would’ve pretty much been guaranteed a position there,” Goromaru said. “But I thought that it’d bring an impact on my rugby career with the new challenge in which my position isn’t secured.”Goromaru said that before he left Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, where Yamaha is based, the Jubilo players staged a sandlot baseball game as a farewell for him.“That’s been our dream to play baseball on a holiday,” joked Goromaru, who played as an outfielder in the contest. (Yamaha’s public relations officer revealed that Goromaru’s team took the initial lead, but was handed a walk-off loss.)Goromaru is scheduled to arrive in Brisbane on Saturday and watch a Reds preseason game against the Crusaders at Ballymore Stadium that night.The Reds will open their 2016 Super Rugby season against the Waratahs on Feb. 27 in Sydney. They will host the league debutant Sunwolves of Japan on May 21 at Suncorp Stadium.“I’m excited to play against the Sunwolves,” said Goromaru, who’s expected to attend an introductory news conference on Monday. “Not just me, but I hope Japanese fans look forward to it as well. And I’d definitely like to play in it.” NARITA, CHIBA PREF. – Though he received widespread media exposure following his success at last fall’s Rugby World Cup, Ayumu Goromaru is a man of few words, at least publicly.He’s not reluctant to make media appearances. He’ll do it to promote the sport. But he just doesn’t like to talk nonsense and comment on what hasn’t happened yet. Super Rugby, Ayumu Goromaru, 2015 Rugby World Cup, Queensland Reds center_img IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 Ayumu Goromaru speaks at Narita airport on Friday before departing for Australia, where he’ll join Super Rugby’s Queensland Reds. | KYODO KEYWORDSlast_img read more

Athletes, mind your whereabouts, says Wright

first_imgSports medicine specialist Dr Paul Wright is imploring Jamaican athletes to take their whereabouts documentation for drugs testing into their own hands as they may not be as lucky as American speedster Christian Coleman.On Monday, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) freed Coleman of doping violations because of a technicality.Coleman was facing a possible two-year ban after it was reported that he missed three doping tests over a 12 month period. But it was revealed that the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) interpretation of the rule backdated his first failure to April 1, 2018, instead of the date it actually occurred, June 6, 2018. His final failure was April 26, 2019. USADA said Monday that because there weren’t three failures within 12 months, it would not pursue the case.But Wright warns that not everyone will be as lucky as Coleman to get off on a technicality and implored athletes to fill out their whereabouts themselves.“Many of our athletes rely on others to fill out their whereabouts forms for them, and sometimes these persons forget to do it, and that cannot be used as an excuse,” Wright said.Athletes who are part of the WADA testing pool, are required to submit their whereabouts for one hour of each day to be available for drug testing. WADA allows athletes’ agents, or other representatives, to submit their whereabouts on their behalf. If an athlete misses three whereabouts tests over a 12-month period, he or she is considered to have committed a doping violation. “Some countries try to find a loophole because they want the best representation at the championships, but I don’t think that is where we should be going,” Wright said.Jamaican cricketer André Russell was given a one-year ban for a similar whereabouts violation in 2017.last_img read more

Community Trust to host Education Open Evening

first_imgThrough its continual growth in strength and capacity, the Trust now has the appropriate sport structure to enable students to develop life skills, maximise career choices and opportunities through carefully designed qualifications, no matter what their academic or practical level. Such a structure sees the Trust attract and accept a variety of students on to any of the four post-16 courses: – Level 2 Diploma in Football in Community Settings – Boys BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Futsal Pathway) – Girls BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Futsal Pathway) – LTA BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Tennis) Each of the programmes give students the opportunity to complete additional qualifications, allowing further experience to be gained within their preferred field, whilst studying at the Trust. The courses are predominantly marked through coursework, however, practical elements will be incorporated, giving students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt within their studies. A typical day will run from 9am-1pm, where students will cover a range of units, ranging from Anatomy and Physiology through to Business in Sport, within the purpose-built classrooms at Ashton Gate. Once the lessons have finished, students will typically train in their respective sport from 1.30pm-3pm three times a week, delivered by their lecturers, all of who are qualified coaches. On completion of the each course, students will have the qualifications to attend university and study a range of subjects. Meanwhile, former students have also gone to America on scholarships, while others have opted for apprenticeships in various industries. During the students’ time on their respective course, the Community Trust aims to improve them academically, socially and personally. The students are given continuous support to ensure they achieve their target grades and excel in all areas. For more information on each of the programmes delivered by the Trust, attend the upcoming education open evening. Reserve your place by contacting 0117 963 0636 or e-mail Remember, no matter what grades you have achieve in GCSEs, the Trust has a course for you. The Trust also delivers two degree level programmes, for more information click here.last_img read more

Powers expresses appreciation for Hack Ayers

first_imgState Representative Dennis Powers carried the House Joint Resolution 786 in the TN House of Representatives to honor Hack for his service in the Legislature and to our community back in February.JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – State Representative Dennis Powers said, “I cannot be at Rotary today, but I just wanted to say how much I thought of Hack and his family. It was an honor back in February to carry the House Joint Resolution 786 in the TN House of Representatives to honor Hack for his service in the Legislature and to our community.”“Tommi and all the girls came down that day to be acknowledged on the House Floor along with Senator Ken Yager who carried it in the Senate,” said Powers.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/21/2020-9:30AM)Share this:FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Tomori joins Chelsea contingent at Hull

first_imgSee also:Oxlade-Chamberlain completes Liverpool move after rejecting ChelseaChelsea line up signing of Italy defender ZappacostaWest Brom sign young defender from ChelseaHull want Chelsea’s Tomori on loanInjured Chelsea prospect lines up Stevenage loan moveBarnet boss says signing Chelsea youngster is ‘huge coup’Barkley backs out of move but Chelsea sign Drinkwater and ZappacostaDrinkwater keen to renew Kante partnershipChelsea ‘just about’ strong enough – NevinHazard poised for Chelsea returnConte: Zappacosta might adjust sooner than Drinkwater Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebook Embed from Getty ImagesHull City have signed teenage defender Fikayo Tomori on a season-long loan from Chelsea.Michael Hector and Ola Aina are currently also on loan from Chelsea at Hull, who moved for Tomori, 19, ahead of the transfer deadline.AdChoices广告Tomori ended last season on loan at Brighton and Chelsea are keen for him to pick up more experience.He has made one first-team appearance for the Blues.last_img read more